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Flavored Pure Olive Oils
​Garlic: Use this wonderful oil as a base in marinades or spread on pizza crust. 

Lemon: This oil has a zesty lemon flavor that's perfect for seafood, pasta and baking.

Basil: The sweet basil flavor of this oil makes it the perfect addition to pesto and salad. 

Hot Pepper: Spicy and hot, this oil is best used to add heat and flavor to all your favorite spicy recipes

Lime: Think Thai cuisine, very bright and fresh. 

Sundried Tomato: This is a subtle but sweet oil, great for drizzling over something you just need to add a touch more flavor too. 

Rosemary: Bold flavor with herbal and woody notes. Great for potatoes, particularly good for lamb, pork and poultry

Butter: Rich, creamy, decadent, perfect for popcorn or anything you use butter with; use it as a replacement for butter.

Chipotle: Smokey, spicy and complex. Think southwestern,  has some heat and a whole lot of flavor. 

Blood Orange:  Bright but subtle citrus flavor, great for marinades, dressings and baking recipes

Valencia Orange: Light and zesty, great for salads and a good addition to a marinade. 

Sage: Aromatic, flavorful, robust. Perfect for livening up soup, stuffing or any meat. 

Mushroom Sage: Earthy, aromatic and flavorful. An ideal option to make your favorite stuffing, soup or meat a new  flavor. 

Black Truffle: Earthy and Aromatic, this Pure Olive Oil is infused with natural black truffle essence. Adds a unique flavor to hot buttered pasta, steamed vegetables and fresh bread. 

White Truffle: This aromatic pure olive oil infused with natural truffle essence is a delicious addition to popcorn or an original way to start a soup.