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Estate Quality Olive Oils
Italian: This oil is a product of Italy and it comes from the region of Puglia. Puglia is the southern heel of the boot. This oil is made from and contains the following olive varieties: Ogliarole, Nostrane, wild olives, Paranzane, and Leccine. 

Greek: From the Kalamata region in Southwestern Greece, this oil is pressed from the Koroneiki olive. It has a low acidity level, a deep green color, and a bold flavor. 

Californian: Produced in northern California, this full-bodied oil has a spicy-fruity flavor and grassy aroma. It is first cold pressed from a blend of Mission and Manzanillo olives. 

Croatian: Truly exceptional quality oil produced from trees over 2000 years old. Because of its favored location on the Adriatic  sea this has given this area an ability to stand the test of time. Always handpicked and harvested based on pique flavor as opposed to peak volume. 

Israeli: The oil grove is set on the fertile slopes of the valley of Sorek in Israel. The valley of Sorek in the Biblical times bordered between the Philistines and the Hebrew tribe of Dan. This oil is made from Barnea Olives, a premium olive variety named for the Kadesh Barnea region in which it was found, on the border between the Sinai Desert and Israel.

Moroccan: From Morocco, made from Picholine olives, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil has small hints of sunflower seeds, very creamy and buttery with a wonderful smooth pepper finish. It has a beautiful dark green color that makes it appealing to the eye and taste buds. 

Organic: USDA Organic certified NOP compliant Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is a Mediterranean Blended Organic certified product. That means that this product may contain Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils that were products of Italy, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, and Morocco. And blended by master taters to provide a consistent flavor profile year to year. 

Italian Organic: This is available in very limited quantities and  is imported from a father and son producer in Umbria IT. Most of the estate quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil never makes it out of the country because it is such a prized commodity. This is one of the few exceptions. This oil is produced from the following varietals: Frantoio, Moraiola, Leccino. 

EVOO: This is a Mediterranean blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That means that this product may contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, and Morocco. Blending is done to ensure consistent flavor as well as consistent quality.